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Big Love Pose is our favourite Rainbow Foameez pose. Derived from a classic restorative yoga posture called ‘Babbling Mountain Brook’ (as you can tell – we all make up our own names for the poses!) – Big Love Pose helps release tension in the neck, shoulders and upper back, while at the same time expanding the heart, chest and ribs. Big Love Pose helps restore poor posture and expand your lung capacity. It provides relief from computer hunch and tech neck/text neck – and for therapists like RMT’s (Registered Massage Therapists) and other healthcare providers like PSW’s or RN’s – any job that requires your body being hunched forward, ie; drivers or office workers or house cleaners or painters or web designers to mention a few. Reduce anxiety and stress, help prevent panic attacks and relieve Fybromyalgia by practicing Big Love Pose. This pose is so amazing that if it’s the only pose you ever practice, you will feel amazing!

Q. How long should you stay in the pose?
A. 3-20 minutes. You might practice for shorter lengths of time to start – as your body will adjust to the new feeling of it – and then gradually you will be able to hold it for longer.

Q. How often should I practice this pose?
A. You could practice this once a day if you want. In the beginning you might want to only do it every second day and lead up to everyday. All at the same time, it’s not necessary to practice it everyday – however, 3-4 times throughout your week is ideal.

Q. Is there a recovery pose – a pose you should do right after it?
A. Yes. Please be sure to recover in Supported Shavasana or Stonehenge for 3-5 minutes afterward. (Go to the Rainbow Foameez YouTube Channel to see an example).

Q. Is there a meditation or mindful task to accompany this pose? (optional)
A. Yes! Please click here to find the LOVE BIG Meditation.

Q. What if I just want to focus on my breath?
A. Please be sure to focus on your breath by taking deep breaths into the chest, heart and lungs – upper back too. Relax with each exhale. Begin to practice the FULL YOGIC BREATH technique – like this: Inhale into your belly first – keep inhaling filling up the chest and upper body, then pause, begin to exhale from your chest first and then empty out the belly. Try it! Repeat over and over. It is very calming – yet energizing, and oh so good for you!

Here is a video vlog we created for you-showing you 4 versions of Big Love restorative yoga pose. Click on the pic!

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