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Grounding Meditation with Rainbow Foameez Meditation Seat!

Meditation made easy with the support of our Meditation Foamie – very reasonably priced, super portable and durable – I travel with mine and use whenever, wherever – as you can tell from the picture above! Rainbow Foameez Meditation Foamie provides support to those of us who have a hard time sitting cross-legged or in ‘easy sitting pose’, known in yoga as ‘Sukhasana’…sitting up straight in proper meditation position is harder than it looks – and you want to be comfortably seated yet straight and sturdy to meditate correctly. The Meditation Foamie is the perfect support and travel companion.
We had a great summer at the cottage up north – in Northern Ontario – so the last time we were there I recorded a Grounding Energy Meditation for you (and me!). It is lovely, and quick and easy, with the sound of the lake, water and waves that occurred live when I recorded it.
Grab your Meditation Foamie and spend a few minutes of your day meditating. You can follow along and experience the Grounding Meditation I made for you by clicking here.

Please comment and tell me how you liked the meditation!…and please subscribe to the YouTube Channel! Thank you.
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