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Rest Your Spine and Magenta Meditation

Time to rest your spine? Try this short sequence I made for you. Supported child’s pose and supported inclined shivasana are two resting poses for your spine that calm the nervous system and restore your internal energetic pathways. Giving your spine a rest allows your body, mind and energy centres to recalibrate so you can give it your all throughout the rest of your day.
Supported child’s pose is especially helpful to relieve a tired back and overworked spine – and oh so comfy! It is also helpful in supporting proper digestive function. Supported inclined shivasana is lovely to practice for a variety of reasons – here a few:

  • it allows the energy centres to rest in alignment
  • it calms the nervous system, therefore calming the mind
  • it gives the spine a chance to restore and re-align
  • and is a great pose for practicing meditation

Below is a short video I made for you to follow along using your Rainbow Foameez soft yoga props. The video shows you how to set up and get in and out of both supported poses. At the end of the video is a brief intro to the Magenta Meditation I created for you. Practice the Magenta Meditation while resting in supported inclined shivasana – you can find the full Magenta Meditation instructions and description by clicking on this link.

Namaste!…and sending you lots of Rainbows!…Sue

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