• Rainbow Light Meditation with Legs Up The Wall

    lady receiving meditation lesson
  • Allison
  • Jennifer
  • woman stretching out

Supported Legs Up The Wall with Rainbow Light Meditation

Hurry up and get those legs up the wall!!!…hehehe, a yoga teacher joke for all of us living and breathing in the western world – and not just a joke, however, often more than not, a reality for most.  We hurry around like crazy chickens with our head’s cut off (now that’s a good ‘ole saying!), and wonder why we’re anxious and on edge most of the time.

Well my Dear, it’s time for you to take time for YOU!  Let’s take a minute here to slow down, unwinde, calm the nervous system and bring the heart rate down.  Grab your Foamies and get those legs up the wall  – then press play – ENJOY!

Made with fun & love,


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