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  • Supported Restorative Yoga Sequence to Relieve Stress, Calm Anxiety and Relax Low Back

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Restorative Yoga To Relieve Stress, Calm Anxiety And Relax Low Back

We created this sequence for you to relieve stress quickly, calm anxiety and relax your low back, relieving pain and discomfort.  This picture of Shawna, our COO here at Rainbow Foameez, is demonstrating an important prop position that is used for a variety of both the supported restorative yoga and Pilates poses.  Please follow along at your convenience!  Click the pic above!

Be sure to grab your Rainbow Foameez 6-piece set to get started on your ride to rest and recovery!

With much love,

Susan + The Rainbow Foameez Team

Email me here if you have any questions, thoughts, ideas or concerns!


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