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Tech Neck and Low Back Relief Sequence

2 parts, 2 versions: Modified and Regular

I am so happy to share this 2-part sequence with you to help relieve upper back and neck tension, and low back pain.  If you are someone that experiences chronic pain or is injured or older, please follow the Modified version.  However, if all is well with you, I encourage you to experience the Regular version for quick optimal relief. 

Be sure to breathe and be in the moment, allowing yourself to relax, restore and induce relief.  The sooner you ‘let go’, in the pose, the quicker you’ll experience relief!  I know, easier said than done.  Typically, it takes a minimum of 3 minutes – so yes, you can find some relief in a short amount of time – especially once you’ve become more accustomed to the poses and the breathing and the meditating.  However, to be honest, if you are new to this process, it will take longer and be a little slower to start.  Therefore, I recommend you trying 3-5 minutes in each pose and then gradually you’ll be able to hold longer and experience relief for longer periods of time.

Only you can find relief for your issues – it’s not on anyone else.  I know that sounds harsh, but it’s true.  We like to think that chronic pain, injuries, disabilities will magically disappear – but that is disillusionment!  Nor is it up to a doctor or professional to figure out your healing path – it’s up to you.  I know for a fact that chronic pain doesn’t just disappear, and I have learned to manage it, find relief, restore and recover a few ailing body parts, all under the guise of living in reality while doing so.  Meaning, I am in full understanding of the fact that I dramatically abused my body for 30+ years.  I take full resposibility for that and am in full realization that if I spent 44 years creating physical trauma to my body, that it’s going to take time to repair the damage – that there is no ‘magical solution’.  However, choice is an option.  I choose to be kind to my body daily now.  I understand it’s recovering, slowly.  I choose restorative yoga to heal and relieve my issues.  I choose to consciously breathe and meditate daily.

 We all get to choose our go to’s.  Choose wisely.  Commit to yourself, and remember, if you think that practicing/trying any healing modality of any kind just once or twice will make your ailment go away – you are dreaming!  It’s finding what works for you.  It’s committing to the process. It’s a daily choice.  I say this with so much love to you and always lots of Rainbows too, Namaste!


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