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A: Rainbow Foameez are super easy to clean! Wipe off dirt with a damp cloth. Use cloth or sponge – wipe clean with soap and water… Air dries within 3-5 minutes.

A: Yes and No. The medical grade quality fabric is waterproof and incontinence friendly, however, the medical grade quality FOAM inside is NOT! So, yes, the outside of the covers can get wet, damp, dirty, bird-pooped on, and they easily clean and dry. THE FOAM IS NOT WATERPROOF AND THEREFORE WE DO NOT RECOMMEND SUBMERGING ANY OF OUR PRODUCTS UNDER WATER! If they do get submerged, unzip, hang covers to dry. Gently squeeze water from foam and leave foam to dry for 24-48 hours or longer. DO NOT MACHINE WASH.

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A: No! No need to machine wash. Instead, our hassle-free covers are high-end Canadian-made fabric that is designed to be wiped, cleaned, and disinfected immediately after each use, making them instantly clean.

A: Yes and No. The 6-piece set is not considered an indoor/outdoor product because of its very high end specialty covers. Yes, they are waterproof, but these covers would scratch on rough surfaces like rock or stone. With that being said, for use on grass or a deck with a yoga mat is an option. Use at own risk.

     Yes, the multi-purpose foamie and the alternative seat are both considered indoor/outdoor interchangeable. Their high end specialty fabric is durable, waterproof, lightweight and easy to clean.

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