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    Woman sits on foameez props meditating


Loved the Teacher Training course and Love, Love, Love my rainbow foameez props! I’m just leaving them set up so I can jump into Stonehenge!

Sarah Szwakob
Sarah SzwakobYoga Teacher

Thanks Sue. I really enjoyed the course and look forward to using the foameez in my classes. I think my students will love them.

deborah miller
Deborah MillerYoga Teacher, Mom

Hi Susan, it was a great day and the day just flew by! It was a wonderful opportunity to find comfort when trying different positions. Working with my colleagues to learn different modifications to allow more comfort and relief- was so insightful!! I was feeling a little under the weather that day and hesitant about how I would survive the day. I actually felt better after doing most of the moves- body more relaxed and head much more clearer!! I left more energized then when I arrived!  Thank you for the opportunity!

Cheri Wardell-CareyRecreation Therapist

Hi Sue, Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your restorative teacher training this past weekend! I learned so much and loved connecting with all the women there!  It was an awesome weekend, learned so much, thanks Sue!

Karina ScangaYoga Teacher, Mom

Thank you for such a great weekend! I learned so much thank you for being part of this super cool journey I’m on.

Allison StuartRMT

I used the ‘Up The Wall’ position with a client – she found it quite challenging but then I tried a few breathing techniques (that I learned in the Restorative Yoga Teacher Training course) with her and she was able to relax for long enough to gain the benefits of the position. I’m looking forward to using more of these techniques with future clients and myself when needed. Thanks Sue!

Jen Molnar-BrownPhysiotherapist

I participated in a restorative yoga training course with Sue – I have tried many stretching programs as well as other yoga methods but this is the one I will stick with. My mid back and shoulders are so much looser even after just one session. I work with children with special needs and I have been able to use these poses in my practise.

Salima NazaraliPT, Registered Physiotherapist

So glad everyone benefited from this training. I felt especially relaxed and wonderful after the day yesterday! Such a wonderful treat for all but especially during pregnancy! Thanks Sue! I highly recommend this training it was very informative! I also love the foameez, much softer and more flexible than traditional yoga props!

Crystal GagnonHealth Management Coach

Thank you, Susan! What a great day of learning. You provided us with many valuable tools that far exceeded my expectations. In addition, I brought home a comprehensive manual and to boot a set of the Foameez blocks. I will be incorporating many of your techniques into my classes and will be able to bring much more assistance to my yoga clients! I highly recommend this training.

Karen Howey
Karen HoweyYoga Teacher RYT
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